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  • Jan 29

    Woocommerce endpoint redirect permalink issue CardSave

    Are you having a problem with redirecting to CardSave when using permalinks in Wordpress and on Windows based hosting? Look no further!

    After many hours of debugging with CardSave we managed to track the issue to our web.config - Well more importantly the one that Wordpress themselves tell you to use on their website. We found that this version totally ignores the checkout page endpoint and thus it keeps redirecting back to the check out address page rather than on to CardSave...

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  • Jan 21

    Hounds Off website goes live

    The Hounds Off website is now live! We were commissioned by Anna Celeste Watson for the build of this site. ACW carried out all of the fantastic artwork which was a pleasure to turn into a fully responsive Wordpress site.

    You can visit the website at

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